Sports Radio Casting

Sports radio casting has long been a popular way for fans and enthusiasts to listen to live sports, to catch highlights, to get recaps, to listen to interviews and get to know sports and athletes better. There are a variety of sports which are broadcast over the radio for fans of all shapes and sizes. These sports include car racing, football, American football, and basketball, among many others. This blog is a great way to get to know all about sports radio casting, from its history and evolution, to how to pursue a career in the field.


Starting a Radio Sports Station

29 Jul 2021

There is actually no better time to start the process of setting up your own radio sports station. It is surprisingly simple to achieve with plenty of software available to make it easier. Your first step is to decide which sporting events to cover and to think of a catchy name.

An Interesting History of Sports Talk Radio Broadcasting

5 Feb 2020

Today, most people tune on their TV sets to catch up with their favorite sports. But people still have a soft spot for their traditional radio shows.

Let's flashback into the 18th century to find out how the fantastic hobby started. Here's a detailed  and interesting video to watch.

Live Sports Action

6 Dec 2019

Interested in live sports action? Live sports in America provide exciting ways to get together with friends, have a beer, and enjoy the action. With the recent shift in gambling legislation across the country, sports betting is becoming legal throughout many states and sports fans are grabbing the opportunity to rake in extra cash.

Sports Betting in New Jersey

If you live in New Jersey and are interested in sports gambling, you are in luck! There is so much to offer in the world of sports gambling in the state of New Jersey.

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2 Nov 2019

If you're a true fan of sports radio casting, have you ever asked yourself how this art started and evolved into what you listen to today? Ultimately, almost every sport can be broadcast and 987 The Buzzer educates you about the origin, evolution, careers in sports broadcasting, and top tips for exquisite broadcasting.